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these are the standard features you will get on any Black Pearl suit


We want to offer the best quality and therefore it is crucial to use the best technology when assembling the suits. 
A quadruple needle sewing machine specially designed is used to put the membrane fabric panels together and a double straight stitching to add the cordura overlays on top.



This is probably the most important part of dry suit manufacturing. We believe we use the best and cleanest method available, although it requires a lot of experience and technique to be done properly.

A special sealing machine is in charge of applying the thermo-sealing tape to the inside of the stitchings. This provides a very clean and long lasting seal.
One of the features we love about thermo-sealing tape is that the dry suits can be entirely re-sealed after a few years of use in a very clean and reliable way.


Black Pearl dry suits can be made either for men or women, in standard sizes or made to measure.

We offer 15 standard sizes for men and 15 for women that ensure a great fit for most divers. One amazing feature about our standard size dry suits is that every suit is made from scratch for every order, which means you can choose you boot size.

Of course it is possible to produce tailor-made suits and for that we do not just combine a series of standard sizes to make it fit approximately, we design a full new pattern for every tailor-made dry suit we produce and then keep it in our archive forever.

Download size charts

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If we make every suit for every customer from scratch it also means you can choose the colour of the cordura protections.

Choose between our standard cordura colours with no extra cost or dare to choose one of our special colours.

We are proud to be the most colourful dry suit manufacturer in the whole world!! Check out our instagram and facebook pages to see some examples.


You can make your suit even more unique by choosing a different colour for the threads on the cordura overlays

Almost any colour is available!!!

new pocket 1.jpg


All our suits are equipped with two big pockets very carefully designed and improved over the years.

  • zippered pocket on flap

  • easy grip flap edge 

  • velcro closing

  • removable / modifiable bungees

  • wet notes / slates internal compartment

  • stainless steel buttonholes

  • non-stressing system that avoids the weight to weigh on the seams


Last but not least we have two standard options regarding your feet. 

Apart from choosing your foot size you can choose between attached boots (fast boots) or attached neoprene socks.

fast boots.jpg
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