Smart 300


350 gr/sqm Trilaminate fabric (nylon-butyl-nylon) with no Teflon finish.

– *1100 Denier Cordura overlay protections on the following areas:

  • Chest, zipper, shoulders, neck and upper back.
  • Crotch area.
  • Front side of legs from calf to ankle.

*These are the characteristics that distinguish one model from the other.
– Colour selection of Cordura on torso: black, fire red, navy blue or olive green.

– Front zipper selectable between T-ZIP (plastic) and BDM (brass).

– Telescopic torso with adjustable braces and adjustable crotch strap.

– Neoprene neck cover, made to measure on every suit.

– Plastic protection zipper over dry zipper.

– Si-Tech inflation and exhaust valves installed with rubber seats (no glue).Also available with Apeks high or low profile valves with rubber seat system.

– Adjustable waist with bungee cord.

– Attached flexible and resistant boots with ankle Velcro strap “fast boot system”. Neoprene socks with no sole also available instead.

– Multiple task exploration pockets with bungee cords, velcro and zippers, available in telescopic and essential version.

– Quadruple and bidirectional seams finished with thermo-sealed tape inside.

– Latex wrist seals as standard and different ring systems available instead.

– Latex or neoprene neck seal as standard Si-Tech Quick Neck or Neck Tite systems available instead.

– Heavy duty transportation bag, convertible into a mat.

15 standard sizes which are combinable between each other:
S-short, S, S-tall, M-short, M, M-tall, L-short, L, L-tall, XL-short, XL,
XL-tall, XXL-short, XXL, XXL-tall.

– Made to Measure is selectable between three cut types: Slim, Normal, Wide.
– High quality easy drain neoprene Hood, 5 or 7mm thick, with or without bib.
– Apeks valves instead of Si-Tech, high or low profile.
– Wrist seal ring systems available: Black Pearl ring system, Si-Tech QCS, Si-Tech Antares or Si-Tech Quick Cuff.
– Heser Tauchtechnik super balanced and high quality P-valve.
– Custom name on one or both pockets.
– Side-mount inflation valve position.
– Black Pearl “flexy” rock boots for suits with neoprene socks.

This three layered fabric is composed by nylon-butyl-nylon. Its weight is 350 grams per square meter.
The 350gr fabric is an extremely comfortable material but yet pretty resistant and long lasting. Combined with Cordura protections it offers the best balance between comfort and resistance.An important feature of this material is the porosity, which allows the glue used during the manufactirung process to anchor perfectly. This offers very long lasting and great reasistance to the Black Pearl Drysuits.

The valves on the Black Pearl Drysuits are strategically positioned to allow perfect access to the inflation valve in the middle of the chest and to allow the air to be dumped easily and smoothly through the exhaust valve by just lifting the elbow, even when the diver is in a horizontal position.

Black Pearl uses an exclusive system to install the valves on the drysuits. There is a rubber seal which is specially designed for dry suits with overlay protections. It makes it possible to install the inflation and exhaust valves without glues or silicone, on the field. This system makes it easy to clean, replace or fix the valves instantly or even install heating system adapters in a second.

Sitech valves are the default valves on Black Pearl diving drysuits. The reasons are the following:

The button style inflation valve allows perfect control of the amount of air that is injected in the drysuit and it can rotate round and round infinitely.

The sitech exhaust valve has a smaller mushroom valve inside than other exhaust valves which allows the diver to dump air from the drysuit with maximum control. Its smaller size also reduces the risk of leaking caused by vacuum if the suit is not inflated enough during the descent of the dive.

As an option, Apeks valves can be installed on the Black Pearl dysuits. Black Pearl is a brand that installes all its valves, even Apeks, without glues or silicone.

The Apeks inflation valve is also button style like Sitech but the main difference is that it can rotate one round in one sense and then it needs to turn round the other way.

The Apeks exhaust valves have a larger mushroom valve than the Sitech valves which makes dumping air faster but it increases the risk of leaking when under vaccum.

Apeks High profile dump valve:

This valve used to be the preferred by technical or_cave divers because it gives the possibility to service_the valve without the need to unscrew the whole unit off_the suit. With the Black Pearl rubber seal system this is_not necessary anymore but it still is a very requested valve.

Apeks Low profile dump valve

Compared to the high profile dump valve this one is_wider and flatter. The performance is the same because the mushroom valve inside is identical, but it makes it easier to get in_and out of the BCD/harness due to its shape.

Black Pearl Diving Drysuits are all equipped with self front entry zippers. This allows the diver to be autosufficient while dressing up and to have total control over the zipper manipulation. Statistics show that most zippers get damaged by the people who help divers get dressed with non self entry dry suits, so having total control over probably the weakest part of any drysuit is crutial.

There is always a nylon zipper over the main zipper to keep it protected from scratches, sand, or anything that can compromise it.

BDM brass zipper is the default main zipper on the Black Pearl Diving dry suits. This brand is well known to be the best brass zipper manufacturer over the world. If correctly maintained it can last more than 300 dives.

T-ZIP Masterseal PU zippers have been used in the past on Black Pearl drysuits but the reliability of this product is still not clear. Some zippers have lasted as long as the BDM zippers and are so much more comfortable to operate, but unfortunately some units have had very short life without a clear reason or explanation from the manufacturer. So T-ZIP Masterseal PU zippers are only installed by special request but not covered by warranty.