-Of course, Black Pearl drysuits are customized all the way. The reason why there are standard sizes is to maintain the cost for the end customer lower through keeping the production costs lower.

However, if you choose a standard sized drysuit you will still have all the following features made to measure anyway: Neoprene neck cover, neck seal, wrist seals, boots or socks AND you will be able to combine the standard sizes to make it  fit like a glove, for example combine M legs and L torso. Not to mention the colours, which you can also choose.

This is possible because Black Pearl diving drysuits make every suit for every customer from scratch.

-The difference is that the telescopic pocket has a zipper all around it and can be “folded down” to be flatter and more streamline. This can be useful for divers that often have an empty pocket or that need to go through “no-mount” restrictions. The essential pocket can not be folded.

Once the telescopic pocket is unfolded (zipper open) the volume becomes exactly the same as the essential pocket.

So, if the diver never has empty pockets nor has to go through “no-mount” restrictions, the essential pocket is the choice hence its simplicity.

-The are two main features that distinguish one suit from another. One that determines to which series the suit belongs to; the amount of protections, and the other will determine the model of a drysuit within that series; the type of trilaminate fabric:

eXtreme series have protections everywhere (see eXtreme protections for more details) and it will depend if the suit is made out of 400gr or 350gr fabric it will be one model or the other. If it’s 400gr it will be CX400 and if it’s made with 350gr it will be a WX300.

Same happens with the other series, Smart series suits have fewer protections (see Smart protections for more details). These suits can be made, such as the eXtreme suits, with 350gr (Smart 300), 400gr fabric (Smart 400) or even a combination of the two (smart 5050)

The essentials series is made with the fewest protections and will be offered in 400gr fabric only.

In summary, the models belonging to the same series will have the same amount of Cordura protections, the only difference will be the type of trilaminate fabric that is used.

-With a standard suit you get a bag for free and can choose between the following options without any extra cost:

– Choose between 15 standard sizes which are combinable (M legs with L-short torso for example).

– Fastboots or neoprene socks and choose the measure you need.

– Neoprene or latex neck seal, and the measure of it.

– Neoprene or latex wrist seals and the measure of them.

– Telescopic or essential pockets.

– TIZIP or BDM dry zipper.

– Color of the Cordura protections.

– Custom valve position if you require it.

Black Pearl suits have a standard EU warranty of 2 years, this includes seams and fabric but does not include “wear and tear”.

Parts like wrist seals, neck seals or zippers once installed on the suit are considered to be wear parts, even by the manufacturers themselves. Anyway, an obvious factory issue with a wear part will be fixed in warranty conditions. Please note that TIZIP zippers will never be fixed in warranty conditions in any case.

When a suit needs to be shipped to the factory for warranty from outside EU zone, the total shipping costs must be covered by the owner of the suit. (for example USA or Canary Islands). Basically any location where the shipping has to go through customs.

When a suit needs to be shipped to the factory for warranty from inside the EU zone, only one way needs to be paid by the owner of the suit and the way back will be paid by Black Pearl.

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