Black Pearl Diving Equipment and Services LTD was started in Ireland in 2012 by Daniel Schelvis, the actual owner and CEO.

Daniel has been a technical diver since 2006 and a technical diving instructor and diving equipment technician specialized in dry suit and regulator repairs since 2009. He used to work as an international sales representative for a dry suit brand which has ceased their activities.

The closure of that company was the spark to start his own design and brand. Daniel considered there was a gap in the market and finding no manufacturers meeting the expectations he considered to be crucial,  mainly quality, leading time and customer service, he started Black Pearl Diving Equipment LTD.

Since then, Black Pearl dry suits have slowly but constantly grown into the market with the help of renowned divers and instructors worldwide, who believed in the idea of the brand and helped develop the final product.

The main goal is not the growth but to keep the quality high and provide good customer service. The production of the suits will be limited at some time to keep the standards high.

The products are in constant development to keep up with the diver’s needs and the company’s strategy is to be always open to new suggestions.

The brand is now distributed in almost all European countries through dedicated wholesalers in each country and soon the market will expand to United States, Canada, Asia.