trilaminate polyesterThis three layered fabric is composed by polyester-butyl-polyester. This fabric allows the suit to be dry and it is used over the entire suit. Black Pearl suits have two types of trilaminate fabric, either 350gr/sqm, 400gr/sqm or a combination of both. When a suit is coded 400 it is entirely made with 400gr fabric, when coded 300 it is entirely made with 350gr fabric and when it’s coded 5050 or 340 it is a combination of the two materials.

The fabric is an extremely comfortable material but yet resistant and long lasting.

400gr is slightly harder and resistant while 350gr is lighter and softer.

It can be combined with Cordura overlays on certain areas, depending on the suit type, to offer more resistance.

An important feature of this material is its porosity, which allows the glue used during manufactirung to anchor perfectly offering long lasting Black Pearl dry suits.