Essential 400

Essential E400

400 gr/sqm Trilaminate fabric (polyester-butyl-polyester)

– *1100 Denier Cordura overlay protections on the following areas:

  • Zipper area.
  • Front side of legs from calf to ankle.

– Standard colour selection of Cordura on torso: black, red, blue, green and orange. Special colors available instead.

– Front zipper selectable between T-ZIP (plastic) and BDM (brass).

– Telescopic torso with adjustable braces and adjustable crotch strap.

– Neoprene neck cover, made to measure on every suit.

– Plastic protection zipper over dry zipper.

– Si-Tech or Apeks inflation and exhaust valves installed with rubber seats (no glue)

– Adjustable waist with bungee cord

– Adjustable braces with clips

– Attached flexible and resistant boots with ankle Velcro strap “fast boot system” or neoprene socks with no sole

– Multiple task exploration pockets with bungee cords, velcro and zippers, available in telescopic and essential version.

– Quadruple and bidirectional seams finished with thermo-sealed tape inside.

– Latex wrist seals as standard and different ring systems available instead.

– Latex or neoprene neck seal as standard or Si-Tech Quick Neck system available instead.

– Heavy duty transportation bag

15 standard sizes for men and 15 for women which are combinable between each other (size chart)

-Special Cordura colors: Camo green, Camo savana, Purple, Grey.
-Special colored stitches around cordura protections.
– Made to Measure, in three cut types: Slim, Normal, Wide.
– High quality easy drain neoprene Hood, 5 or 7mm thick, with or without bib.
– Wrist seal ring systems available: Black Pearl ring system, Si-Tech QCS, Si-Tech Antares or Si-Tech Quick Cuff.
– Heser Tauchtechnik super balanced and high quality P-valve.
– Custom name on different locations
– Black Pearl “flexy” rock boots for suits with neoprene socks.