These are the Black Pearl Dysuits male and female standard size charts. (please download the attached pdf files)

The measures for this table need to be taken WITHOUT undergarment.

The measurments are often not exactly as on the table, this is not an issue since there is some margin (2 or 3cm). Please note that the sizes are considered for undergarment as heavy as 400gr/sqm. If you are in the middle of two sizes, choose the bigger size if you use 300gr/sqm undersuit or heavier and choose the smaller size if you use 250gr/sqm undersuit or lighter.

Also, if you consider to have one smaller size on legs and hips and a bigger size on torso (chest and waist), that is not a problem. Only with Black Pearl Drysuits you can choose one different size for you legs than for your torso AT NO EXTRA COST! (for example: M-tall legs and L torso)

If you are still not comfortable choosing a standard size by yourself please contact us and we will help you!

Finally, your neck size, wrist size and foot size will all be made to measure at no extra cost, that is why you will not find these measures on the table.

Black Pearl female dry suit size chart

Black Pearl male dry suit size chart

How to measure:

how-to-measure-headThe measurment of the head is mandatory if a hood is ordered with the suit and recommended if the hood is not required