This table is to be used exclusively for MTM (made to measure) dry suits. It is a UNISEX table (male and female).

Because we know it is more difficult for women to fit into a standard size chart MTM service for women will be at cost price.

The measures need to be taken WITH undergarment to make sure the dry suit will fit perfectly.

Once the measures have been taken there are three different cuts available for MTM dry suits that can be chosen: SLIM, NORMAL and LARGE.

Slim cut” is a very tight fit on the lower part of the suit (legs and hips) whic

h has been specially thought for divers that need to be frequently in “upsidedown” positions in the water (specially cave or wreck divers). The air going up to the feet is more controlable since the amount will be less than with a “normal cut” but it might constrain the movement of the legs a bit. The upper part of the suit is the same as the “Normal cut”.

Normal cut” is a fit which has the standard margin a suit should have. This margin allo

ws the air to flow correctly, but not too much. It will allow the diver to make all normal movements outside and inside the water but it will not allow the formation of useless “bags of air” around the body.

Large cut” is very rare but some divers request extra space on the upper part of the suit. With the “Large cut” the legs are the same as “Normal cut” but the upper part has twice the margin as normal, it will create bags of air around the torso that can be used as extra buoyancy. This cut is for very specific cases and is not suggested for the average divers.


The measurment of the head is mandatory if a hood is ordered with the suit and recommended if the hood is not required